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How to Choose a Real Lavalier Wireless Microphone?Let You Make a Decision after Understanding LENSGO348C


With the rise of the live broadcast industry in the past two years, wireless microphones are favored by more and more . It is precisely because the wireless microphone is convenient and lightweight to use, many people use it to short videos to record life, speeches, meetings, live broadcasts...

The frequency of daily use of wireless microphones is becoming more and more frequent, and people's requirements for it are also getting higher and higher. people hope it is small in size, appearance is beautiful , convenient to store, easy to disassemble, easy to operate, more functional, affordable, etc.

     Today We will go to go to see  about the appearance design of the LENSGO 348C wireless microphone and the advantages of storage, disassembly, and portability. Let’s to get the infoemations together. 


Small size

     The body has a very small size of 48*48mm and a weight of 40g. A single volume is only the size of a matchbox. Whether it’s a handbag, a camera bag, or a young lady’s backpack, it almost never takes up space. Say goodbye to the traditional non-wireless microphones that are large in size, long in antenna, heavy in weight, and inconvenient to carry around.



Storage, charging and portable

     Equipped with a portable outer packaging box, but it is not a packaging box, it is a portable charging box, eliminating the cumbersome charging of 3 charging heads + 3 charging cables at the same time, only 1 charging head + 1 cable is needed. One charge three, more convenient and fast. The design of the outer packaging box is also unique. The transmitter using the amplified version of the wireless microphone is the packaging outer box, which looks like an oversized transmitter from a distance. The outer packaging is a packaging box that integrates storage. It uses a magnetic suction device to eliminate the need to organize and avoid the trouble of losing equipment.

3 (1).jpg


Disassembly and assembly portable

   The launcher adopts a snap-fit and disassembly windproof rabbit fur cover, and the windproof cover will never fall off and lose easily. The transmitter and receiver have always adopted a magnetic disassembly method, and a variety of wearing and use methods. The magnetic device is convenient and flexible, eliminating the trouble of unstable and incorrect clamping.

use (3).jpg

  Not all wireless microphones are so small, not all wireless microphones have charging boxes, and not all wireless microphones have magnetic devices.